Terms & Conditions

Shipping costs

Country Delivery time (workdays) Shipping costs
Finland 2-4 7.90 €
EU region 1* 3-7 22 €
EU region 2* 3-7 27 €
Other countries 6-14 37 €

* EU region 1 includes The Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Estonia.
EU region 2 includes all the other EU countries.

No shipping to North American countries available at the moment.

By ordering you accept the following terms of delivery:

Placing an order

The down payment sum visible in the shop and in the order confirmation is only technical (technical pre-sales price – the down payment which will not be returned). When you place an order please, pay only the costs calculated in the order confirmation. The rest of the price will be invoiced few weeks before the wraps are produced and it must be paid before shipping. If still unpaid after two reminders the wraps can be sold again in webshop. Slots are not transferable to another person, although you may postpone, subject to availability.


The method of delivery is the Finnish post. In some cases the shipping company can change to another depending on circumstances when the delivery is crossing the board. The shipping method is Priority.


We accept PayPal (all countries) and Direct Bank Transfer (in Finland only). The 24 % VAT is deducted from the price of all orders delivered outside of the EU. Hilla Slings is not in charge of import-induced taxes, customs fees or additional delivery fees.

Please note that I can only invoice the person who owns the custom slot, although the wraps can be posted to separate addresses if required.

Return policy

Return in Finland

Contact always first taru@hillaslings.fi. Pack the product well, using the original package if possible. The products that you return have to be unused. The tags and labels attached to the products need to be intact and on their original places. The customer has the right to cancel the normal priced order or a part of it within 14 days of receiving the product. We will refund any sums that you have paid to us.

Return outside of Finland

Please always contact first taru@hillaslings.fi before you return the products. Pack the product with care and return it in a normal package to the address provided by us. Please keep the receipt of postage payment and tracking code. The products you return have to be unused. The tags and labels attached to the products need to be intact and in their original places. The customer has the right to cancel the order or a part of it within 14 days of receiving the product. We will refund any sums that you have paid us except money transferring costs, postage and packaging. The order sum will be compensate via Paypal. It is of crucial importance that you inform us and you post the product back as soon as possible if you decide to return a product. Otherwise handling the return may take a longer time. If you are given a tracking code, please let us know the code. We do not accept returns you have posted more 14 days after informing us you want to return the product.

Tracking an order

You can follow the moves of your post package with your tracking code given by email. Seller is not responsible for the loss of products caused by third parties. If the delivery is not fetched in spite of notifications, for instance due to erroneous contact details given by the customer, it will be sent back to us and Hilla Slings has right to charge 15 € as extra handling costs.

Defective or damaged product

Hilla Slings makes up for a defective product by exchanging it for a new one, either the exact same product or a corresponding one. In case the product is damaged or you have assumptions about it being defective, please contact us. If you realize that the package is damaged when picking up the order, please make a notice of defect to the post office’s or the shipping company´s personnel and ask for a receipt.

Force Majeure

Hilla Slings is not responsible for delays caused by a force majeure or for intermediary hindrances caused by defect quality of goods or delayed delivery. The seller has the right to modify the terms of delivery. Before placing an order the customer has to familiarize themselves with the delivery terms valid at that time.

Saving of the customer’s personal details, the customer’s responsibilities & rights

The personal details of the customer are saved into Hilla Slings’ customer register. Hilla Slings does not give its customer details to third parties under any circumstances. By registering into the customer register the customer has agreed to Hilla Slings using their information in communication between Hilla Slings and the customer. Hilla Slings additionally holds the right to use the customer’s contact information for its mobile and e-mail marketing. The customer has the right to check their personal details, make changes to them or delete them from the register completely. The customer is responsible for all actions performed in the webshop under their username and password and they must ensure that the use of them respects the conditions stated in this agreement. The customer is responsible for keeping their password secret. The customer accepts to obey by law and good manners in using the service.

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

This agreement is be governed by the Finnish law. If the disputes to the contract arise between the parties we strive always to solve them by negotiating. If the negotiations fail to settle, resolve disputes in District Court of Varsinais-Suomi.

Hilla Slings

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