Thick Silk Custom Wrap


From: 329 € 50 €

Hilla Thick Silk is a wrap that suits for both small babies and even heavy toddlers.

Pay now only 50 € down payment for a slot. It will be compensated from the final price but it can’t be returned. Also note that colour hues are only directional and may differ slightly in finished wrap.

There is now also an option to choose up to three colours to the weft in case you want a gradient to your wrap. NOTE: Please select 1 primary colour from the palette and write the other wanted colours in the Additional Info field during the checkout process. Also please describe your wishes for the gradient: how you want the gradient to appear on the wrap.

Product Description

Hilla Thick Silk is a wrap that suits for both small babies and even heavy toddlers. It is supportive yet extremely light and soft and very cushy on the shoulders. Timantti and Myrsky are more thicker and supportive and Ruutu is a little thinner and lighter.

Additional Information

Weft Material



2 (2.7 m), 3 (3.2 m), 4 (3.7 m), 5 (4.2 m), 6 (4.7 m), 7 (5.2 m)


Anthracite, Apple, Apricot, Autumn Red, Black, Blue, Brass, Cassis, Chianti, Cobalt, Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Lila, Dark Plum, Dark Red, Deep Blue, Deep Green, Deep Lila, Deep Navy, Deep Red, Deep Yellow, Flaming Red, Forest Green, Golden yellow, Grey, Heather, Jaffa, Kentucky Green, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Purple, Light Stone Grey, Magnolia, Medium Purple, Pasted Red, Petrol, Plum, Plum Grey, Purple Grey, Rose, Rosewood, Saddle Brown, Sea Blue, Shamrock, Steel Blue, Taupe, Turquoise, Venice, White, Yellow


Myrsky, Ruutu, Timantti

Weft Colours

1, 2, 3