Next set of slots available soon

Medium Thick Linen Ruutu Dark Blue

As the title said the new slots are coming available quite soon. But as there will be some changes on the product line up I felt I need to inform you a bit about them beforehand. So let’s get started…

First of all the Silk I had used previously will slowly be dropped out of the line and a new, thicker silk will replace it. I will weave a tester using it soon and after that I’m able to calculate its price.

Second change is that Wool will be dropped out due to minimal demand. It will however still be available by contacting me directly, if someone desperately wants a woollen wrap, but it will not be in webshop.

Third change is an upgrade as I will be offering two color gradients. They will cost approx. 30 % more than equivalent one color Hilla wrap. I will tell you more precise order info soon as I announce the next slots. Here you can see an example of that gradient.

That’s all for now. I will keep you updated soon. Bye bye :)