New slots available – read how to order

Medium Thick Linen Ruutu

As the new set of custom preorder slots are soon opening for purchase I want to clarify how the ordering process will go, so it will go as smooth as possible. So, here we go.

You will see the total price of the selected wrap when you select all the necessary variations (size, color etc.). You will also see a 50 € down payment price next to the total price. It means that once you proceed to check out you will only pay that 50 € down payment now no matter what wrap you have chosen.

That 50 € is a reservation fee for a slot and it can not be returned, but it will be compensated of the total price that will be invoiced (via PayPal) when your slot is getting closer. So if you order a wrap that costs say 300 €, you will pay 50 € for it right away and the rest 250 € when the slot is closer.

If you have any further questions, please email me: